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Over the years a considerable amount of potentially misleading information about new car warranties has been released by various sources, leading to much confusion concerning new car warranties.
This confusion is often caused by the new vehicle dealerships themselves. Although rarely provided in writing, many of these dealerships may try to convince you that a new vehicle must be serviced within the dealership or the new car warranty is void.
The ACCC have recently moved to stop this misleading activity. SR Automobile are fully qualified to perform expert car servicing that protects your right to a warranty on your new vehicle. So why not  Book Your New Car Service with us today?

Our 65 point vehicle inspection means we will also be checking for warning signs in many components of your vehicle which could be covered under your warranty – allowing you to address these faults while the vehicle is under warranty.
We offer value for money and our family business ethic means you can come and talk to the mechanic that works on your car at any time. All our work comes with a Warranty. Book Your New Car Service with us today.

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What is a New Car Warranty? >>
Every new vehicle is covered by a Statutory warranty as demanded under the federal consumer warranty laws. You don’t need to sign a warranty contract or pay extra for a statutory warranty – it exists, by law, without any of this. 
Should any faults become apparent within the first few years of ownership and provided the vehicle has been properly used and maintained, the manufacturer is obliged to remedy or repair the fault at no cost to you.
Depending on the nature of the fault or failure, this remedy may be applicable for 5 (or even more) years after purchase.
What are Extended or Expressed Warranties? >>
There are also “expressed” warranties that are marketed by the manufacturer and these usually come with a specified time, for example, 3 Years.
It should be noted that such warranties are often simply a mirror of the Statutory warranty that applies anyway, except with a time limit applied. 

Finally, there are extended warranties providing a “longer period of cover” which can be purchased at the time you buy your car or provided free of charge by the dealership.
Once again, an extended warranty cannot override your statutory rights to a warranty.
It is important that you read the fine print of these types of warranties as they can have many provisions that need to be understood. The ACCC have recently decreed that providers of extended warranties (including dealerships) cannot dictate where a vehicle must be serviced in order to maintain a warranty cover.
How do I maintain my rights to a New Car Warranty? >>
Under a motor vehicle statutory warranty, manufacturers and their dealers are only entitled to insist that;
Servicing is carried out by suitably qualified staff
servicing is done according to the manufacturer’s documented specifications
servicing is performed using appropriate quality parts where required.
Provided these conditions are met, regardless of where the car is serviced, the warranty will remain intact.
Can SR Automobile service my new car without voiding the warranty? >>
Qualified staff Qualified staff is someone qualified to perform car servicing – like a fully trained mechanic.
At SR Automobile our fully qualified mechanics are constantly keeping their skills sharp through ongoing technical training. So, not only are we fully qualified – we are also completely up to date with even the most modern vehicle servicing techniques.
Manufacturer’s specifications SR Automobile will always service your car to the specifications laid out by the manufacturer. Our smart quote and Auto-tech encyclopaedia programs ensure we have access to the latest service schedules for all popular makes and models.  
Quality parts The issue here is not what brand the parts are – or who manufactured them, it is whether the parts are fit for the purpose intended. If a part is non-genuine, but is fully interchangeable and meets or exceeds the original equipment specifications, then it is deemed fit or appropriate for the purpose and it will not void the manufacturer’s warranty.
SR Automobile only use top quality parts and lubricants such as Bosch, Monroe, Castrol, OEM and Genuine Parts
Don’t let new car dealers fool you into thinking you have to return to the dealership for service to keep your warranty.
You have the right to choose who services your car.

Book Your New Car Service with us today